A witness in the murder case of the Kilimani business lady, Monica Kimani, Lee Omondi, identified Joseph Irungu alias Jowie as the last person to be seen with the deceased.

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“Joe is the one I left at Monica’s place the night she was killed. He described himself as a security person working with Interpol and at the Office of the President. He even offered to get me a firearm,” Omondi told the court on Tuesday.

According to Lee, who is a motor vehicle insurance dealer, he had gone to Monica house at Lamuria Gardens Apartments to get help in changing the registration of his car to Kenyan plates. 

Lee told the court that he met Monica during a party in Juba and also met her in Nyeri with his friend, who he called Jimmy. 

He had initially asked Jimmy for help in changing the registration of his car, but then Jimmy referred him to Monica, whom he said had great connections in Juba. 

“Jimmy referred me to Monica who promised to help me through her connections in Juba. She told me she would be going back to Juba the following month,” Omondi added

The court heard that on the night of September 19 2018, Monica called him and informed him that she had brought the new logbook with the new registration number.

She told him to get them that night as she was planning on travelling to Dubai the next day. 

On arrival at her house, Omondi found her with Jowie and another man identified as Walid. 

Monica joked that it was the first time he had seen Jowie dressed like a Muslim. 

Walid left the three still talking before Lee, who was given his car documents, left Jowie with Monica. 

“I thought I had overstayed and I reasoned it was good to leave. Jowie looked like someone who knew his way around the house. He knew the rooms and where everything was.'  

Omondi noted that the next day when he called Monica, no one picked the phone. Later in the day, he learnt that she had been killed.