Radio has played a key role in conveying important information among Kenyans.

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In Kalenjin region, there are many radio stations that people have opted to get this information from, however, Taach FM has seemingly attracted many residents in it's morning show dubbed 'Mesetab Taach FM'.

The show which runs from 7:00 am to 10:00 am is popular for a number of reasons as highlighted below:

1. Presenters

Kimutai Maritim who is CEO of the station together with co-host Bruce Bett are regarded among the best radio presenters in the region.

This has largely contributed to many residents wanting to get a 'taste' of their work in the show.

2. Political

Politics is currently turning out to be a daily 'meal' to a larger percentage of residents not only in Kenya but residents of Rift Valley region.

The show which many times host political leaders hailing from the region plays  crucial role in informing residents of what's happening and how the political debate is shaping up.

Listeners are also making suggestions through phone calls to the station on how politics of the region should be handled.

3. Unifying

Despite different opinions being given by the listeners especially politically, the show has brought about a unifying factor among the residents.

This in turn has prompted the frequent callers of the station to form a group which they meet and interact together once in a while.

4. Watchdog

The show has also become a watchdog to elected leaders because a number of them have been held to account when they grace the show.