Street families in Mombasa have shocked residents of the port city after they formed their own church.

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This comes after 28-year-old reformed street boy, Peter Mwangi, opened a church for street families in the coastal city. 

Citizen TV reporter Francis Mtalaki on Sunday attended one of the services at the church located along Maji Mpya Road. 

Mwangi noted that after he reformed, he opted to be a parent and spiritual guardian to street families in the area.

“I used to get rained on. I had no shelter to guard me from the scorching sun and gum addiction had made my legs weak. I couldn't even stand (Nilikuwa nanyeshewa na mvua. Jua ikiwaka inapigia pale ju nilikuwa nimekunywa gum sana. Hata miguu yangu ilikuwa imekosa nguvu. Nilikuwa siwezi simama),” said Mwangi.

Mwangi had been on the streets for over 20 years. Fortunately for him, he met a good Samaritan in early 2018. His condition had worsed because he could not talk, walk or even feed properly.  The Samaritan started feeding him then requested to pray for him; something he agreed expecting to get a cash reward.

His street friends expressed their appreciation for the rehabilitation that Mwangi has gone through. They thanked him for remembering the family he lived with for over two decades.

Here is the video to the full interview.