A 24-year-old woman is nursing injuries at the Coast General Hospital after the boyfriend allegedly attacked and scalded her face. 

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The woman,  who has been identified as Winnie Natalia was reportedly attacked by his boyfriend Henry Mbonda who poured hot oil and water on her face.  

The man, who hails from Tanzania, reportedly decided to commit the heinous act after the woman rejected his efforts to reconcile with her. The man is also the father of her four-year-old son. 

Natalia’s mother, Sylvia Kalama’s said that the incident has changed the life of her daughter, adding that she has nothing to smile about when it comes to life. The two lovers were reportedly staying together before the incident occurred. The couple separated a year ago after they differed over a number of issues in life. 

The victim is a worker at a salon in Kiembeni. Natalia said that the man had been trying to approach him to reconcile but she wasn’t ready. She noted that the man even went ahead to attend the sister's funeral so that they can mend their fences but she rejected him once more.

“For the past few months, he has been coming home, and more frequently after I lost my sister. He came for the burial. He wanted us to reconcile,” Natalia said.

 “He wanted a chance so we can sit and talk but I always refused and told him I’m over it,” she added.

 The man showed up at the Salon where the woman was working on the fateful day of the incident. They disagreed at some point before the man left and came back with a jug containing hot water and oil. The suspect decided to descend on the woman and poured the mixture on her face.