Most successful women find it challenging to sustain a relationship where the man is not as successful as they are. 

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In other instances, the women feel they have to downplay their success to make the men feel more secure. This kind of relationships does not last long since either party can call it quits.

Here are signs your husband is insecure due to your success;

1. He does not recognize your victories

If you notice that every time you go back home having achieved something from your work station such as promotion and your husband uses them to snub you, it is a sign he is insecure of your success.

2. He is always on excuses and will put a fight for no apparent reason

A man who is intimidated by his wife's success, will, by all means, look for an excuse to bring up a fight with the woman and also make her feel guilty. He might also not attend to his duties as a man so that once questioned, he responds with anger and resentment.

3. He will always complain that you work too much

When your boss discovers you are competing for a certain post, he/she will include you in several responsibilities for the success of the organization. Once this happens, your husband will always use it against you to complain about how you are working too much to an extent you do not have time for him. This is a sign he is intimidated by your prosperity.