Hairdressers are important people in our society since they attend to our heads and leave the hair glowing. There are things they do that are annoying which have made some people opt to keep their natural hair short.

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These things are;

1. Handling you without care

Some of the hairdressers are so rough when handling your hair. This could be while washing your hair, combing, blow-drying or even braiding. It is even more annoying once you say how you feel and they end up blasting you as being coward.

2. Saying they can do something yet they can't 

It is quite annoying when customers visit a salon to braid their hair in a certain style and the hairdresser confirms they are able to do it. Some of them are so hilarious and disrespectful and they end doing the wrong thing which the customers never requested.

It sounds more professional to say they do not know rather than experimenting the style in one's head which turns to be the opposite of what the customers wanted.

3. Wasting time

Most people visit a salon in the morning and end up leaving in the evening not because their styles were complicated but because the hairdressers were wasting a lot of time.

Some of them leave a customers hair half-way made to attend to another customer and return after some time without an apology for the same.

Others even stop attending to their customers to gossip with fellow hairdressers.