Police in Mogotio, Baringo county are investigating an incident where a woman allegedly killed her husband after an argument ensued over alcohol.

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The woman reportedly stuck the man with a nail-studded club after he returned home drunk after being sent by the wofento go buy alcohol for sale.

According to Mogotio Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer Luka Tumbo, the crime was committed on Monday night st their home in Hotelit Village.

The detective on Wednesday said that the woman had sent the man for the liquor in the neighbouring village, and they are holding her in line with ingoing investigations.

He added that a disagreement ensued, with the wife accusing the man of being reckless, which culminated in the assault and consequent death.

“The information we have is that the woman was furious when the husband returned home drunk and without alcohol which they were supposed to sell and buy food. She hit him on the head with the club,” he said.

He added that the suspect is being held at a local police station pending arraignment, adding that the family has been surviving by selling the liquor.

The woman also allegedly accused the man of subjecting the family to losses after returning home drunk.