Good and low cholesterol in the body has a plethora vital functions. For instance, it can keep the cell walls flexible and they mainly help in producing certain hormones that ensure the body functions accordingly. 

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Nevertheless, high cholesterol in the body can pose a greater risk. It has different effects on the cardiovascular system.

 The bad cholesterol can block the arteries, vein and create plaque buildup in the blood vessels that can, in turn, lead to heart attacks, heart failure and arteriosclerosis maladies. 

Below are the natural ways to lower your bad cholesterol level as explained by Matthew Thorpe, MD, PhD, a radiologist;

1. Eat monounsaturated fat foods 

In contrast to saturated fats which have two double chemical bonds, unsaturated fats have only one double chemical bond that have no harmful effects on the body and can easily be absorbed. This may help in preventing plaque buildup and clogging of the arteries and vein. Foods rich in monounsaturated fats include olive oil, canola oil, cashew and walnuts. 

2. Avoid trans fats

They are foods modified by a process called hydrogenation to make them more stable. Migraines are an example of such kind of foods. Trans fats may create bad cholesterol in the body. Reports have noted that 8 per cent of heart attacks disease occurs due to the high cholesterol level caused by eating trans fats foods. Avoid them at all cost. 

3. Consume soluble fat

Examples include the whole grains, lentils, beans and fruits. They can easily dissolve in water and this is significant when it comes to lowering the high cholesterol in the body.