The politics of Garissa county cannot be analyzed without the name Nathif Jama.

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The former Garissa governor narrowly failed to defend his seat in the 2017 general elections. He was defeated by governor Ali Burrow Korane.

It  should be remembered how Nathif Jama narrowly defeated Korane in the 2013 Garissa gubernatorial race.

That points out how dangerous Nathif Jama can be to Korane in the 2022 Garissa succession politics.

The political rivalry between the two cannot go unnoticed. Governor Korane was among the critics of Nathif Jama’s county government.

He is a potential threat to governor Korane’s bid to seek a second term in the 2022 elections. This is because; he has not yet openly withdrawn from the 2022 gubernatorial race.

Jama , who is a known banker by profession has massive international links with potential investors who can invest in Garissa county. The two leaders hold different political ideologies.

In addition, the two have narrowly lost to each other in the last two elections. That partly implies how Korane must deal with Nathif Jama first for him to successfully defend his seat.

Contextualizing that Nathif Jama had only served one term, he was yet to fully deliver a number of his election pledges to the Garissa locals.

Besides, the wiper party loyalist still has a notable number of followers in Garissa county.

Governor Ali Korane frequently accused Jama’s regime on massive corruption scandals; unfinished development projects and misuse of public funds.

However, the former governor has maintained up to date that his administration was the best and he was on course to making Garissa county government the best.