Hairstyle is becoming one of the most considered fashion among most men in the recent past. This has been attributed to the fact that it helps a person to be confident of himself and also send a certain meaning to society.

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Here are some popular hairstyles among men and what they portray of that person;

1. Bald

Some guys opt to clean shave their heads. This shows that the man has enough confidence and this makes the men to be perceived as quite attractive by women.

2. Dreadlocks

Men with dreadlocks have managed to overcome different stereotypes associated with locking hair as in the past. Those who keep dreadlocks represents free-spirited people who do not necessarily fit in the art industries as perceived by many.

3. Buzz cut

This is where the hair is clipped close to the scalp leaving the face more defined. This hairstyle shows men who are busy and completely lack the time for complicated hairstyles.

4. The fade

This involves gradually cutting the hair on the back as well as the sides shorter as it gets closer to your neck. Some men chose to have this style and inclusion of a buzz cut and dreadlocks. Men who opt for a fade are concerned about their looks and hence take grooming seriously and tend to be stylish.

5. Coloured hair

Men have also chosen to have their hair coloured just as women. Men who have coloured their hair be it in dreadlocks, short hair or other hairstyles are perceived to be daring, adventurous and are usually fun to be around.

5. Afro

Some men choose to let their hair grow and allow it to shrink. These are perceived to be more understanding of women since they can relate to women’s hair struggles and have more assertive of themselves.