Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo is regarded as a fabulously wealthy operator given his sometimes flashy lifestyle.

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When he sat for an interview with K24 TV, that vexed question about the source of his wealth was always going to pop up.

In the interview that was aired on Sunday, Kabogo rubbished claims that he had made his money from drug-trafficking.

He contended that his money was made in a clean manner, money he said he made in the 90s selling imported cars in Kenya.

"I made my money in the 1990s. I used to sell cars. My last shipment was over 100 cars from Japan. If you are making Sh100,000 on one car, how much is that!" the former county boss said.

William Kabogo went on to divulge that he used to supply goods to the now collapsed Nakumatt Supermarket.

He also revealed that he owns buildings in Kiambu that generate income for him.

"I used to supply Nakumatt with goods but I was not a shareholder. It is good for people to think I am fabulously wealthy. If you go to Kiambu, people look at a building and say this one is Kabogo's," he noted.