Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa has alleged that the government recognizes desert locusts more than it does to its Coast-based Mijikenda people.

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In a viral video recorded on Tuesday after President Uhuru re-shuffled his Cabinet, Aisha Jumwa went live on social media and alleged that her people, the Mijikenda, are not given the value they deserve.

According to the lawmaker, the government knows the damage locusts can cause in the country thus coming up with quick measures to handles them, but the same government cannot recognize the problems faced by the Mijikenda.

"It has come to a level where Kenya recognizes locust more than they do to Mijikenda, that is, locust landed in Kenya and the government is already aware and they are in the process of dealing with them but Mijikenda is not seen nor known. (Imefika sasa hii Kenya inatambua locust kumshinda Mmijikenda. Yaani locust waliingia hapa Kenya imetambua kwamba wako locust na wanatafuta mbinu za kuhakikisha kwamba locust wamemalizwa lakini Mmijikenda haonekani wala hajulikani, it is so sad)," said Aisha Jumwa.

Aisha Jumwa faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta for not considering Mijikenda people in his new appointments.

She is now calling upon Coastal leaders and residents to stay away from BBI discussions.