The permanent secretary in the ministry of Transport arrived Thursday at the Likoni Ferry Crossing to assess the recovery operations underway at the channel.

Speaking to members of the press upon arrival, the PS expressed her satisfaction at the work that the recovery team had done.

"We are happy that the vehicle has been found with the bodies so we are here for this final leg of this recovery process to stand with the family, " the PS said. (0:53-1:05)

Her visit came after divers said that they had sighted the vehicle that had sunk over a week ago with Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu.

The car sunk after it was reversed in panic by Mariam.

There was no immediate response to rescue the two victims leading to their drowning.

A multi-agency team has been hard at work trying to recover the bodies of the mother and her daughter amid growing impatience among the public with the pace of the recovery operation.

The discovery of the vehicle has eased the pressure that was on the shoulders of the Kenyan government.

There were fears that the Likoni incident would overshadow the Mashujaa Day celebrations which will be staged at the Port City of Mombasa.

Malindi member of parliament Aisha Jumwa had threatened to lead demonstrations to the celebrations to protest the drowning of Mariam and Amanda.