Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has urged the Senate to listen to the fact and not propaganda.

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Waititu claims Kiambu county is known for serious propagandas.

The county boss who was impeached by MCAs in December told the senators that he hopes they will not judge him based on the propagandas.

"Listen to  the facts and evidence but not propaganda. Kiambu is known for serious propagandist. It is my hope that you don't judge me based on that please!" he said, as quoted by Star.

Governor Ferdinand Waititu also went ahead to plead with senators to be fair with him during the hearing of his impeachment case.

Kiambu Governor was given a platform in the Senate to give his side of the story and told the senators that however bad he might look politically, he just beseeches them for fairness.

"I was also an MP for two terms...however bad I might look politically or otherwise, I just beseech you to be fair," Ferdinand Waititu said.

He went ahead to tell senators that one day they will also find themselves as governors and find themselves in the current situation that he is into.

"Some of you here will be governors in 2022, you will also come here and you will require justice. I was in this compound for two terms as an MP. I am now back..."

Kiambu county boss said that he needs justice considering the fact that he is a Kenyan and not guilty.

"I should be given justice, as a Kenyan, I should be given justice and that is why the constitution guarantees fair hearing and judgement."