As a couple, it is not weird finding yourself spending most of your time with your partner. The habit of spending much time with your partner may result in you wishing for some alone time. 

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However, how do you get to let your partner know that you need alone time without hurting him or her? Here are some of the proper ways on how you can do so.

1. Don’t suggest it in the middle of a fight

When looking for the best time to telling your partner that you need some alone time, make sure that you don’t suggest it while in the middle of a fight. That will make your partner to automatically interpret it as a way of wanting to break with him or her.

2. Propose a set of day where you can both do your own things

Agreeing to set a day where you can do your things individually can be helpful. That way, to your partner, it will just be like any other plans that partners have in their days.

3. Plan for a vacation

Another way of getting some alone time is by planning for a vacation. You can decide to go on a solo vacation and that way you will have some time alone.