Keroche Breweries directors Tabitha Karanja and Joseph Karanja were on Thursday arrested by detectives from the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) unit. 

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The two were arrested in connection with Sh14.45 billion tax evasion fraud since 2015 according to the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji. 

However, after being arrested, a letter emerged from The Karen Hospital in Nairobi indicating that Tabitha's husband cannot be detained due to his health condition. 

"He has recently undergone life saving surgery. Keeping him under police custody will greatly endanger his life,” read part of the letter from Dr Gikonyo of The Karen Hospital

Tabitha decried harassment by the government terming the whole process a scheme orchestrated by their competitors.

“I have never seen any investigating officer in our brewery at any given time in Keroche’s lifetime. It is such a gross violation, harassment and intimidation by such a high office in our beloved country,” she said.

The police were forced to release the two after arresting them on Thursday evening at their Naivasha-based brewery. 

However, KRA came out to state that its not targeting anyone. 

“Kenyans should reject the narrative that KRA is fighting any individual or business. On the contrary, KRA has the additional responsibility of trade facilitation under which we support a business environment that is conducive for the growth of business,” said KRA in response.