Nairobi Central Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church plans to sue the state for allegedly denying members the right to worship. 

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Through Central Kenya Conference (CKC) of the SDA, the church accuses former elders and government of locking worshippers out of the premises.

“We are concerned that the police action was skewed towards the aggressors. A person’s right of worship cannot be abridged by the threats of other parties,” said CKC president Pastor John Ngunyi Kiragu as quoted by Standard.

Pastor Kiragu told journalists, while at church premises, that the move was unconstitutional due to lack of a court order or even notice from relevant government agencies.

“There was neither a court order nor a legal notice baring member from worshipping at the designated venue. Although we complied, the church takes exception to this unlawful act by State agencies who ordinarily are supposed to be the stewards and custodians of the law,” Kiragu added.

Pastor Peter Nyaga supported Mr Kiragu's sentiments but promised to respect directives even if they are illegal.

“We believe that we have freedom of association and worship. This is religious liberty at test, but because of what has happened, we are citizens who abide by the laws, we want not to cause any chaos,” church’s associate pastor Peter Nyagah told Nation on Saturday.