A strong and healthy body does not only involve eating a balanced diet but also including exercises from time to time. 

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As you walk in the gym, you have to observe its norms and etiquette for your own comfort as well as the other people in it.

Here's what you should not do at the gym;

1. Don't compare yourself to other people

Do not praise the progress of other gym goers yet you are unaware of how far they are in their exercise journey. Avoid also assuming that you know why they are exercising and tend to compare yourself to them.

2. Don't leave the equipment anywhere

Once you are done with your workouts in the gym, ensure you put back all the equipment used to the right place or where it belongs. This will save the gym instructor as well as the other people wishing to use them time to access and use them.

3. Listening to music without headphones

Listening to your favorite music during your workout helps you through. However, not everyone likes the type of music you could be listening to, therefore, do not listen to it loudly. If you do not have earphones or headphones, listen when you go back home.