The kidney is an important organ in the body that filters the blood and producing urine. 

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Among the diseases that affects our kidney is kidney failure. 

The disease occurs when the kidneys fails to efficiently filter waste matters from the bloodstream. 

Exposure to environmental pollutants, dehydration, using certain medicines can affect the filtration of waste materials in the kidneys. 

When the kidney can't filter and flush out waste materials, the body gets overloaded with toxins and kidney failure is the aftermath. 

According to Elaine K. Luo, MD, internal medicine specialist, here are causes of kidney failure you ought to know;

1. Loss of blood flow to the kidneys

A precipitous loss of blood flow to the kidney can kindle the disease. Heart attack, liver failure, high blood pressure, allergic reaction can interfere with the flow of blood to the kidneys

 2. Urine elimination complications

The disease can occur when your body can't get rid of toxins accumulation, urine and waste materials from the body cells. 

Prostate cancer can block the urine passageways. The kidney stones that form in the urinary tracts can also block the urine path hence leading to kidney failure.  

3. Infections

Certain infections can have a negative effect on your kidney. They are believed to block the urine passageways and lower the process of waste elimination from the blood. Infections like cancer have been linked to kidney failure.