Eye problems can be avoided if you practice eye care habits every day. 

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To maintain eye health and keep your vision sharp, follow the tips below;

1. Avoid rubbing your eyes anytime

Avoid rubbing your eyes or touching the area around your eyes with unclean hands. Your hands are exposed to a lot of dirt and bacteria so when you use them to rub your eyes, you transfer the bacteria. This could cause you eye problems.

2. Protect your eyes from the sun

Avoid exposing your eyes to direct sunlight and UV rays. This increases your risks of suffering macular degeneration. The sun could also cause cornea sunburn. These two conditions can affect your vision.

3. Avoid smoking

Basically, there is nothing good that comes with smoking. Smoking has a lot of health effects on the body. Apart from exposing you to lung cancer, smoking exposes your eyes to macular degeneration and cataracts which block your vision. Smoking could also damage the optic nerve in the eye.

4. Give your eyes a rest

It is appropriate to give your eyes rest after long hours of seeing. Especially people working with computers, give your eyes some break from the light coming from your monitor. Also, blink regularly to keep your eyeballs lubricated for proper vision and protection.

5. Visit an eye doctor regularly

Just like you check up your body regularly for possible illnesses, do the same to your eyes. Visit an optician to do you eye examinations to check for possible harm. It helps.