Do you have a problem funding for your master’s degree? Worry no more.

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This is a problem that faces most people due to financial issues.

However, there are ways in which one can fight financial problems and pursue a master’s degree smoothly.

Here are some of the ways in which one can finance his/her master’s degree at Moi University.

1. Applying for HELB loans

Applying of HELB loans is a common thing for most university students. This is a loan that is mainly offered by the government to support students who are unable to pay their fees. When it comes to HELB loans, this is suitable for all, including those wishing to pursue their master’s degree as it has no such requirements.

Therefore, if you want to pursue your master’s studies, this is one way of helping yourself when it comes to financial issues.

2. Scholarships

Besides taking loans, looking for scholarships can be another perfect way of ensuring that you’ve continued with your master’s studies at Moi University.

When talking of scholarship, this refers to opportunities given to students unable to pay the fees, to continue with their education with fewer worries about their fees.

3. Part-time job

Fortunately, most of those willing to pursue their master’s degree are people who are fit to get a job.

This way, one can get a job and through that particular job, he or she can be able to pay fees for his or her master’s degree.