The relationship between Deputy President William Ruto and his one time ally Joshua Kutuny seems to be over, given their latest heated exchanges.

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For months now, Kutuny has been openly leading anti-Ruto campaigns in Rift Valley, a move that has not pleased Dr Ruto, who claims to be behind the Cherangany MP's political success.

Kutuny has been faulting Dr Ruto of allegedly instigating maize farmers woes. Recently, he also blamed the DP on issues facing Mau forest settlers.

And the former advisor to the president has accused Ruto of sponsoring rivals to take on him, adding that he's ready to teach the DP a political lesson.

"He (Ruto) has been going around claiming that he is going to ensure that I fail politically but what makes him think that there are no people in this country who are better than him and who can fill his position?" he posed.

"If he thinks he can teach me a political lesson then I will embarrass him politically. This is a man I know so well and it's just a matter of time before I put him where he belongs politically."

On Friday, Dr Ruto pitched tent in Cherangany where he for the first time responded to Kutuny's rants. He accused the second term legislator of being sponsored to antagonise him.

“I am asking the people of Cherangany to join me as we plan development activities for this area. Some of these leaders you have here go to Nairobi and when they are there, they are easily excited by other people. 

"They are then given money and asked to cause trouble back at home, forgetting that they are doing so to the detriment of their people. I am asking you to forgive them,” said the DP in reference to Mr Kutuny’s recent attacks against him.

Dr Ruto is running against time to solidify his support in Rift Valley, a region that has backed him for a decade. He is facing resistance from Baringo Senator Gideon Moi.