When we talk about marriage, we talk about one of the most important things in the world. Marriage isn't a thing to be taken lightly. It is an institution where you agree to love and live with someone for your entire life. You just have no room to take this for granted. 

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So, what are some the ways through which you can prepare yourself adequately for marriage? Read on.

1. Start thinking "we" instead of "me"

Marriage is not only all about you. It's about you and your spouse meaning you can't do things without putting into consideration how your partner will feel. Hence, it is a prerequisite that you stop thinking only about yourself.

2. Start being committed

If you would wish your marriage to last forever then you have no choice but to start training yourself on how to get committed. Commitment here means being dedicated to make your marriage work. 

3. Learn to resolve conflicts

There's no perfect marriage. By this I mean, conflicts and fights will always arise. Therefore, as a person determined to make their marriage work, you need to learn to resolve conflicts because you wouldn't let them destroy your marriage. Would you?

4. Evaluate your habits

What you are used to doing while living alone or with your parents might not fit in marriage. Laziness, flirting with others, returning home late and what have you; they aren't healthy for marriage at all. For this reason, consider evaluating your habits before you tie the knot.

5. You can seek advice from elders or counsellors

Seek advise from elders who have experience in marriage. They could equip you with helpful tips for marriage. You can also choose to go for premarital counselling where you will learn how to sustain a marriage.