On September 13, 2019, Hivisasa highlighted a case from Kisii county where live overhead electricity wires had come into contact with trees in a residential area.

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The situation posed a threat to residents of Nyamataro, within Kisii town. Usually, when tree branches come into contact with live wires, they become energized and can lead to electrocution. 

Hivisasa based Kisii writer Geoff Gichana covered the story. The writer was informed of the case by residents who were concerned about their safety.

The writer published the story after interviewing residents, Kenya Power, and experts. Experts from Tree care Industry Association came in to explain the effects of live electricity wires coming into contact with trees.

After publishing the story, the writer shared it with the Kenya Power Kisii region managing director, Mr. Mang’era Moronge. Moronge admitted that they were not aware of the case before being published.

Three days later, Kenya Power managed to send a team to the affected area where the branches were cleared. Kenya Power was faulted for not conducting frequent inspections that would curb similar cases.

It should be noted that while connecting power in rural areas, Kenya Power usually faces resistance from tree owners who are adamant about paving the way.

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