There was a nasty accident along Thika Super Highway involving various vehicles on Thursday morning. 

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The accident that happened around Muthaiga primary school involved about six buses which collided blocking the road resulting to heavy traffic snarl-up.

Reports from the scene indicate that one bus, Virginia Coach has skidded off the slippery road before hitting the rail guards. The bus which was coming from Nairobi towards Thika tried to overtake another bus in-front when this happened. 

 The two buses lost control before running into each other hitting the guard rails. Other speeding vehicles behind collided with the two buses.

The accident piled buses in the middle of the road causing a traffic jam on both sides of the road.

Sources indicate that the slippery road caused the accident due to the heavy rains. 

The police arrived at the scene but had a hard time trying to divert traffic. With the heavy rains that hit the city on Thursday morning, it became difficult for the police but they tried their best to clear a way.

Drivers are warned to be careful when driving during heavy rains. They are cautioned against roads getting slippery and losing visibility on the road. 

The police have not reported any casualties from the accident so far. 

A video can show various buses piled up from the accident. 

Here are photos from the accident:

​Accident. [Source/Ma3Route/Twitter]

​Police at the scene. [Source/Ma3Route]