Having excellent communication in marriage is crucial. 

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Men are imperfect at listening and that is why one should be mindful when it comes to getting them to give you all the attention that you deserve

Here are three tips on how to talk so your husband will listen.

1. Simplicity

When talking with your husband, the act of simplifying what you want to say is significant. Men find it hard understanding a complicated conversation. Hence, simplifying your words will work in your favour.

2. Timing is everything

For a couple to have a fruitful conversation, the timing is critical. You should always consider whether your husband is at the best moment of listening to what you have to say, especially if it is not an emergency. Talking to him while stressed with other things will make him unable to concentrate appropriately to what you have to say.

3. One topic at a time

Bearing in mind that men should be handled carefully with what you have to tell them, telling them a single item at a time is the right way to communicate. Not all men can multitask like women, and that’s why they need to be given a chance of handling one topic at a time.