Food insecurity has become a disaster in most parts of the country. 

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Most areas that are core in producing food have witnessed increased levels of soil degradation. To enable curb the ongoing situation, scientists have called upon the nation to come up with measures that will reduce food shortage. 

Charles  Warria, a representative of the Kenya Market Trust noted that food shortage has resulted from over-cultivation of land leading to a loss in nutrients. 

Warria added that the western region is the one that is most affected.

He also attributed soil degradation to farmers who plant one type of crop for a long period of time since this affects soil fertility in areas that are core in food production.

“This is not a laughing matter because very soon we will be overtaken by our neighbours, whose good use of soil has made them food sufficient,” Charles  Warria said as quoted by Kenya News Agency.

He also pointed out that lime manufacturers promised that they were willing to join a hand in ensuring that soil fertility is improved. He urged potential farmers to give the manufactures a chance.

Dr Oscar Magenya who is also the Director of Agricultural Research in the Ministry of Agriculture promised that he could oversee that measures on soil health are addressed. 

This could be achieved through promoting and disseminating soil knowledge, information and technologies (KIT) through Integrated Agricultural Research for Development (IAR4D) at all levels. 

They spoke on Tuesday during the annual Soil Science Society of East Africa (SSSEA) Conference that was attended by 200 delegates from the region at the Lake Naivasha Country Club.