Depression is an illness that affects somebody's feelings negatively. It causes a feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities. 

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Here are some of the habits of people who suffer from depression;

Unusual eating habits

Eating is normal to any person but to people with hidden depression, the eating habit may change. They tend to eat too much, less or never eat at all. This can really interfere with the overall health.

Abnormal sleeping

Sleeping is very essential to human beings as it helps your mind and body to relax. But if somebody is undergoing depression, he/she may have abnormalities in sleeping. They may sleep too much during the day but rarely sleeps less at night.

Less energy

When one is full of stress, he/she becomes weak and loses energy.  Lack of appetite is also a sign of depression and can lead to loss of energy.

Re-lie on themselves

Being in depression, people are ever on their own and want to solve their problems alone. This is because they don't want to involve anybody in their problems.

Being an alcoholic and drug addict

Somebody has never known how alcohol tastes like, but all of a sudden, he/she is a drunkard and uses drugs. This can be a very clear sign that it is depression.