The moment you get married, your spouses family becomes part of your own family. It is always a challenge to balance one's needs with the need of a completely new family.

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Even though it is a dream of every one to create a strong bond with the new family members, sometimes it might not work as wished for since some if not all tend out to be so disrespectful.

In case you encounter disrespectful in-laws, here's how to deal with them;

1. Set boundaries

If your in-laws have an habit of indulging in your own privacy, it is important you set out boundaries so that they will respect your own personal space a s a couple.

Communicate to them that you'd like to handle your tasks by your own and you appreciate their support.

2. Avoid spending time with the in-laws when your spouse is absent 

Your partner needs to be present in activities that involve you and his/her family. This is because he is the connection between you and his/her family.

His/her presence means fewer issues and they will be able to solve any issue that arises at that moment.

3. Maintain a sense of humor

It is worthy to remember that people have different preferences, beliefs and opinions. It does not matter what your in-laws think or say about you provided your spouse chose and married you because he/she loved you.