Self-love involves the evaluation and appreciation of one's worth. Self-love is one of the basic necessities needed in today's society. This is because it propels one to live the life he/she has desired.

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Being in a position to love yourself unconditionally can be a challenge as there are things that hold you back from loving yourself. 

Here are three self-love barriers holding you back from happiness.

1. Giving into society's pressure

Accepting all that society offers you or how people close to you view life, will always discourage you. Most of these people make us focus on the weaknesses leaving you with no option than looking down upon yourself. You should stand your ground and accept your flaws and failures. Live a life that makes you happy and stop focusing too much on what other people are saying or doing.

2. Always focusing on the negatives

It is normal to be frustrated at one point in life but this does not mean you will keep facing challenges. Always focusing on the negatives reduces your confidence in yourself and negatively affects your self-esteem. Make a point of always highlighting the positives and you will definitely lead a better life.

3. Always in fear

Every one of us gets nervous when doing certain things or when faced with different challenges. However, fear should never prevent you from living the life you have been dreaming of. To move away from fear and appreciate who you are, it is important to address what troubles and scares you. Talk about it and find solutions for each concern.