The heart is an important organ in the human body because it helps to pump blood to the body tissues through the blood vessels. 

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There are some factors that can lead to heart disease like taking too much salt, alcohol and smoking.

Here are some signs that indicate you might be having problems with your heart.

1. Rapid heartbeat

It is normal for your heart to beat at a faster rate when running or doing heavy work. But if it beats fast when you are relaxed, it could be a sign of heart disease. This means that your heart is not pumping blood the normal way hence the faster breathing rate. The normal heart rate is supposed to be 60-80 beats per minute.

2. Pain in the chest

Chest pain is yet another sign that your heart has a problem. The pain can be so severe that you are unable to breathe properly.  This happens suddenly when you are not aware and may last for some minutes.

3. Swollen ankles

Swollen legs can be caused by prolonged sitting, some medicines and even pregnancy. However, if you haven't sat for long, nor are you under any medication and are not pregnant, this is an indication that you might have a problem with your heart. Make an effort to see a doctor as soon as possible.

4. Breathing difficulties

A healthy heart is supposed to pump blood smoothly hence smooth breathing. But if you realise that you have difficulty breathing, then it could be a sign of heart disease.