In August 2019, Hivisasa published an opinion article highlighting why merry go rounds have no economic sense in the modern world. 

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The story published by Ndung'u Wa Gathua indicated that despite gaining popularity across the country, the concept of table banking only had a negative impact on the beneficiaries. 

According to the writer, merry go rounds had no return of investments, something which resulted in friction across many families and also lead to endless debts.

The Hivisasa article caught the attention of an expert in the table banking sector. Nelly Otieno, a consultant at Financial Inclusion in Africa and a pioneer of a savings group in Kenya, responded to the article where she offered her view based on her experience.

The expert clarified on every point portrayed by the writer on why merry go rounds had no economic value.

According to Otieno, merry go rounds only return investments if the members have selected the correct structure. She noted that  we have table banking and ASCAS Savings Group.

She says the significant difference is in their operation in that some are just contributions made while the sound ones require a member to put in some savings which generate interest.

It is worth noting that Financial Inclusion in Africa is a reputable organization that has been covered by platforms like Forbes. 

The expert opinion gave Hivisasa readers both sides of the coin to help them in making informed decisions before joining any Merry Go round scheme. 

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