The festivities in Kalenjin region have been greatly graced by various songs that were released by musicians hailing from the region.

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The events which include circumcision ceremony (commonly referred to as Tumin), birthday parties, Christmas among others also saw the unity among the residents in the region.

Among the songs that have become popular across the region during this December holiday include;

Kararan Tumdo

The Kapkoma Lady composed song has been received largely in various events that have occurred during this December.

It has also play an important role in educating the people on the importance of coming together during festive seasons.


Michael Aron alias Sweetstar being behind the hit song 'Nonii', the song has warmed the hearts of many residents in the land.

The lyrics which are rich in love messages have made it a 'darling' song that everyone is yearning to dance to.

Kijana Fupi

Ollesos Melodies, another Kalenjin music star is behind the song. It is another controversial song associated with West Pokot governor John Lonyang'apuo that every Disc Jockey (DJ) 'must' play the song for a successful event.


This could be the best collaboration song of the year in the region as it featured two of the most sought Kalenjin artists.

Faith Therui and Samkeystar are the artists who have beaten the odds with this song which is largely divulging how respect for elders is important.

The songs have not only brought togetherness and joy among the people but also thought to have made a fortune to the artists.