Cancer has become the most deadly disease in Kenya recently. Many people nowadays don't die of HIV/AIDS or TB as it has been in the past years. 

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There are many types of cancers that are so deadly like breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer and leukaemia. 

Most people are afraid of going for a check-up to detect any indication of cancer in them. This is because they fear how the test is conducted and the cost of the test. Never worry, there are some cancer screening centres that are quite affordable for every Kenyan.

Lancet Kenya

Lancet is a common health centre in Africa and is also found in Kenya. It is also a cancer screening centre where you can be tested on all the types of cancers at an affordable cost.

Henzo Kenya

Henzo Kenya is for those people with gastrointestinal stromal tumour and chronic myelogenous leukaemia commonly known as blood cancer.

Kenya Cancer Association

The Kenya Cancer Association is responsible for creating awareness, screening and educating people about all types of cancers to all Kenyans. You can email them on for more information.

Oasis of life organization

Oasis of life organization is a cancer screening centre that was found by Carole Njagi. It helps in creating awareness and supports people with prostate cancer.

Cancer awareness centre of Kenya

This is yet another screening centre that serves all Kenyans. You can get screened and be educated about all the types of cancers here. It also creates awareness programs on all types of cancers.