Most couples are always talking about the plans they wish to achieve in future, how they will take care of their children and also on how to run their day to day activities successfully. This all works to ensure they have a better life. 

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All those are necessary for a relationship but rarely do a couple talk about how they feel to their partners on different things affecting their lives. Couples who engage in deep conversations with each other have a strong bond that keeps them happy.

Providing an opportunity where both of you talk about your highs and lows throughout the day or week, helps to hold you together in your relationship.

To share out what you feel with your partner, use these tips;

1. Check for the most convenient time

Setting time out of your busy schedule when both of you will not be busy creates an ample time and space to talk of how you feel towards different situations in your relationship and life as a whole.

2. Always use 'I feel' statements

This is the best way to start a conversation when you want to let your partner know how you feel. Do not be afraid to talk your feelings out just because you are worried about how your partner will behave.

3. Get to the root of what led to that feeling

When you are struggling to talk about your feelings, ensure you start from the root of what has contributed to such feeling. You will solve it once and for all especially when you have those deep emotions.