Arthritis involves the inflammation of the connective tissue surrounding the joints. It might, however, spread to different parts of the body over time. 

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Here are five causes of arthritis.

1. Immune system dysfunction

An immune disorder that results due to different activity of the body's immune system, increases the risk of suffering from arthritis. This makes the immune system to attack the soft tissues responsible for the production of the joint lubricating fluid hence causing joint pain.

2. Hereditary factors 

Arthritis can occur as a result of genes passed from one generation to the other in a certain lineage. Even though not all members of such lineage contract the disease, there are high chances such members will suffer from arthritis.

3. Infections

Different infections such as salmonella, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and hepatitis C which are caused by bacteria, viruses and fungus can lead to the inflammation of the joints and delayed treatment results in chronic arthritis.

4. Abnormal metabolism

The increase in the amount of uric acid in the blood and also urate components in the bloodstream causes inflammation in the joints and this affects the functions of the fluid that lubricates the joints.

5. Injuries

Increased exposure of the knee to difficult tasks that involves squatting for long periods of time or taking part in activities that allow maximum involvement of the joints can cause joint injuries which in turn lead to arthritis.