Nowadays most people use ATMs in withdrawing cash for their needs throughout the day and not worrying of visiting the banks and meeting long queues or even failing to get the services especially on weekends. ATMs have made banking fast and convenient.

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There are however some mistakes people could be making when using ATMs that might cost them. These include;

1. Failing to protect your pin

It is very important to ensure you cover the screen when keying in your pin. Even if no one is behind you or may be a camera is placed somewhere, it is much safe to cover the number pad.

Be careful as criminals might place cameras near the ATMs to capture customers details.

2. Opening the door for others

Never should you allow anyone inside the ATM room when you are withdrawing cash. In case you need assistance, it is important to avoid inserting your card in the machine as your pin could be seen by that person as he/she assists you.

Keep the door locked for your own safety and safety of your finances.

3. Tossing your receipts

You should not throw your ATM receipts anyhow. It is worthy to remember that computers make mistakes and this could act as a proof in case of a transaction you think is not right.

In addition to this, a thief might use your account number and name for their own benefits and leave you under frustrations, kindly keep  your receipts safe.