Pregnancy is one of the most exciting moments in a woman's life. However, it is not an easy journey, especially the last week.

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Here are three reasons why the last week of pregnancy is the hardest.

1. Several visits to the toilet

Pregnant women will always make several trips to the toilet for short calls. This urge will increase especially in the last week of pregnancy. Your bladder will always be full and needs to be emptied regularly.

2. Becoming uneasy

You can never be comfortable during the last week. You will always feel uneasy every time be it when sleeping or sitting. You will also experience some discomforts like swollen legs, digestive disorders and muscle cramps.

3. Haemorrhoids

This is another problem that most pregnant women experience during their last week of pregnancy. This is due to constipation and an increase in progesterone. This can cause discomfort in the perineum.

4. You can't have time of your own

This is actually the time when your relatives, hubby and friends are ever with you. This is because you can go into labour at any time and at any place hence the need for close monitoring.