The mention of the word Valentine always brings a number of thoughts to mind. 

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To some, it brings the thought of expensive and exquisite gifts, luxurious dinner, spending quality time together, a holiday in Diani, and to others, love.

No matter the type of thought it brings to you, it is only fair that you get something for your loved one that will make them smile, and always remember you.

While doing so, you don’t have to break the bank to make him/her smile. 

Here are 5 affordable gifts that you can get him/her for Valentine's and leave a lasting impression.

1. A nice book:  This Valentine's, you can shift from flowers and get him/her a nice book that will empower him/her, and make them think about you always. Three years ago, my partner got me a book that I still value to date. Though we parted ways, I think about her every time I walk around my bookshelf. 

2.  A nice piece of art:  There is always a connection between love and art. Somehow art can bring love to you if you play your game well. Last year, I met a guy who does pencil portraits at an affordable fee; he came up with a portrait of my girlfriend. We had been having issues, but after I gave her the portrait, she saw I genuinely think highly of our relationship and my resolve to fix it. She loved it and thanks me for it until today. So this Valentine, you can choose to support art, get a well-drawn portrait and surprise him/her, and you’ll never regret it. 

3. Cologne/Perfume: There is no better feeling than that of walking into a room full of people, only for them to stare at you, and later ask which perfume are you wearing? This always gives you an extraordinary level of confidence and reminds you of that special someone who gifted it to you. So this walk, walk into that perfume store and acquire perfume for him/her to gift on valentines. It never disappoints and will not cost you lots of cash. 

4. Tickets to a premier movie night: Growing up, I always wanted to meet a local Kenyan actress whose name I will not mention.  I kept mentioning her name and even crammed some of her lines. At 21, a friend of mine bought me tickets for a premiere movie she was featured in. The event went well; I even had a chance to interact with her at the end of the movie. That memory still lingers on, every time I see her on TV, I remember that premiere night and the friend who bought me those tickets. 

5. A self-test kit: The best is always saved for last. This one might be shocking to some, but hear me out. Love is about knowing the other person and taking care of them.  Being there for them regardless of the circumstance or situation. If you truly love him/her, you will get them a self-test kit. You both need to know your status. This Valentine, the best gift to get him/her is a self-test kit, you’ll both get to know your status, and take the next step, don’t be afraid or a victim of peer pressure, it’s cool to be tested, you stand a chance of living a better life when you know your status. The best thing about the self-test kit is that it does not require any pricking and therefore no blood, it’s absolutely painless, and guarantees complete privacy because only you get to see, and know the results. In addition, there is no shame and fear that comes with going to the VCT since you can do it in the comfort of your bed. The kit goes for an affordable price and can be used by anyone above 17 years. Getting the self-test kit for your partner will leave a lasting impression, and he/she will remember you as being the person who made him/her take that initiative and he/she will forever love you for that.

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