The society is made up of people with varying personality traits. All of them have different characters and behaviours. Among these people are those with high intelligence.

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Here are several traits of such people;

1. They're quite flexible

Intelligent people are flexible and hence are more adaptable and thrive very well among people with different perspectives. They provide solutions rather than imposing complications and restrictions towards a certain task.

2. They're open-minded

People with high intelligence do not limit themselves to incoming new opportunities. They are always willing to consider and accept new ideas as well as new solutions to an invading challenge. They also do not shy away from asking for help if need be.

3. They're very sensitive to other people's experiences

Intelligent people are different people with different life experiences but never do they despise their experiences. They treat all their friends with love, affection, support and empathy despite their level of friendship.

4. They are very curious

Most intelligent people are driven by curiosity and the urge to know more about something. They do not stick to their line of duty but take time to know more about different fields and new things. They do not take anythings for granted. 

5. They have a high sense of humour

Those people with a high sense of intelligent are always fun to be with. They make anyone around them laugh without intending to do so. They do not struggle to make positive fun out of anything they see.