Our brains are positioned and designed to believe that men are professionals when it comes to cheating on their spouses. However, in the recent past, cases of women stepping out of their marriages have skyrocketed. 

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When a lady cheats on you it may be so difficult to find out. A cheating lady displays some behaviours that can raise an eyebrow.

Below are the signs you need to watch out for in order to find out if she's cheating on you; 

1. She tends to nag a lot

Nagging is a common practice among our women, but when they overdo it, chances are she might be cheating you. They'll nag about anything and their anger would be hanging from a weak thread, ready to fall off. In most cases, she will magnify your imperfections using them as the escape route from the relationship.

2. "We are friends" 

If you've involved yourself in several relationships then you must have come across the term "we are friends" multiple times. If you ask her why she kept giving Mr X lingering hugs, she'll counter with the phrase "we are friends". This phrase shouts danger and so you should take it seriously. After asking her, in most cases, she will be uneasy with her glance directed far and away from you. Sometimes when you ask her whether she's cheating or not she'll remain silent and avoid the confrontation by leaving the conversation hugging. 

3. Loss of interest in physical intimacy 

If she's having another man in her life, the probability of her losing interest in physical intimacy is so high. She might give you short kisses and hugs to cheat you that she's still into you.