Analysts from the Fifth Estate's  Forthall School of Government led by political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi have now claimed that Deputy President William Ruto's assassination claims are true but only as far as politics is concerned.

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According to economist G.K who is a panellist in the show,  the assassination plot will lead to a counter-assassination violent protest by Ruto supporters, either led by DP Ruto himself or by those who want to assassinate him politically. 

If that (protest with violence) happens, then Ruto's case in the International Criminal Court will be revisited and he will be charged.

"Ruto has raised the political temperatures in the Rift Valley with his assassination claims, anxiety is high suspicion is back the ground is swelling for pro-Ruto conflict," she said.

"Two, pro-Ruto allies do not have to ignite this conflict the people interested in his political assassination will ignite it for him. They will create the violence, pen it on Ruto and the crucify him. Using this violence as evidence they will then revive the ICC case," G.K opined.

2M, a political analyst who is also a panellist in the show, noted that another way Ruto will be politically assassinated is through impeachment. 

Earlier this year, Senate Minority leader James Orengo had ignited such discussion and 2M suggest that if violence erupts, unlike early this year when Orengo had no evidence, he will be having plenty to lead impeachment motion.

"If Orengo wanted to impeach Ruto early in the year he had no grounds. But if the anti-assassination violence happens, assisted or not, Orengo will have reason to do the impeachment motion. With the dynasties on the same side and money flowing like a nonsense Ruto will get impeached before you blink," 2M noted.