For several months, the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) got a huge hype from educationists and other curriculum developers. 

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In most of their submissions over live interviews and commentaries, they cited skill development as a major milestone that the CBC was set to address. Three years down the line since it's pilot programme, have we been able to make steps into skill development?

A lot of concerns were raised by both teachers and parents about the workability of this new curriculum which I would say, was not properly handled. The government spent millions of shillings from taxpayers remissions, in the preparation and implementation of this curriculum. 

You will also notice that most of the teachers who got enrolled for training on the Competency-Based Curriculum have over time retired; especially those who got trained as early childhood level instructors on this programme. 

This would serve as a blow to the programme's implementation policy, something that has received no direct address. 

The first lot of learners will soon be sitting for their first national examinations. Putting into consideration that the learning and teaching techniques are very much different, do we really believe that these learners will be in a position to properly sit for a national examination at Grade Three, the formerly Standard Three levels of learning?

 I would say that half of those learners, most of who are taking their learning from public schools in remote areas, probably do not know how to properly read and write. We as Kenyans and the ministry, however, expect these learners to compete favourably across the board with the rest in the same level. 

As a training teacher and a person passionate about educational policing, I would call this move ridiculous. 

Unlike China, where a similar educational curriculum is in use, Kenya puts what I would call 'peanuts' into the education sector. The priority level given to this sector is a little below the standard.

Such comes along with challenges of salary remuneration which has left a record of so many strikes and go-slows from teachers. Walking ourselves into a situation like this with a new curriculum at stake here is a very delicate way to run things. 

However the former Education CS, Dr Fred Matiang'i showed deep belief in the workability of this programme. 

The task ahead of ensuring that the CBC delivers it's initial objective now lies on the shoulders of current Education CS, Prof Magoha. 

Despite the challenges that en-shelter this ministry, we as Kenyans look forward to seeing a practically educated and skilled generation; something all the previous curriculums have terribly failed to achieve. 

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