Saboti Member of Parliament Caleb Hamisi has weighed in on the fracas that was witnessed at a church in Kiharu Constituency that saw Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro disrupt a fundraiser.

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Speaking exclusively on the 'Gumzo Hapa Ndipo' programme on Media Max-owned K24 Television on Sunday, the Saboti MP accused Ndindi Nyoro of misbehaving.

Mr Hamisi accused his Kiharu counterpart of disrespecting a place of worship by storming a fundraiser that he was not invited to.

"So the young man called Ndindi Nyoro was on the wrong for disrespecting the church and leaders who were present."

(Kwa hivyo makosa ni ya huyu kijana mdogo anaitwa Ndindi Nyoro ana makosa kwa kukosa heshima kwa kanisa na kukosea heshima viongozi wakuu ambao walikua), " Caleb Hamisi said. 

The Saboti legislator contended that it was not a must for the church that held the fundraiser to invite the area MP as Ndindi Nyoro had demanded.

He went on to call for the outspoken Kiharu lawmaker to be charged in a court of law with causing disruption.

Nyoro had earlier in the day said that the problem started when Maina Kamanda allegedly declared himself the MP for Muranga county, something that did not sit well with him.

Kamanda and Nyoro sparred on who was to introduce invited guests.