The Gusii community used to refer to the first President of Kenya, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta as 'Otwori'.

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This name came to existence thorough George Lawrence Sagini, who was in power since independence up to 1969 when he lost his seat to Dr Zachary Onyonka.

During his reign, Sagini avoided confrontational politics and therefore managed a great deal to unify people in the region and the country at large. 

He, therefore, used to hail Jomo Kenyatta during public address and even during the meetings when addressing the public but deep inside, he did not like the way Mzee was ruling.

This made the founding father like him so much. He referred to Sagini as a unifying factor as he believed in diplomacy, once an issue came up.

In private, he could refer to Kenyatta as a 'monarch' but in public he used to refer to him as 'Otwori'. 

Otwori O'Nyangena as per the Gusii community referred to a warrior who was unbeaten and therefore helped the community at large in keeping the enemies at bay.

The community adopted the name and Mzee became widely known as Otwori among the Kisiis. 

Just as Otwori O'Nyangena kept the community safe from the impurities of enemies, is the same way Kenyatta did to keep the colonizers away from the country.