A healthy and strong body is not made by eating a balanced diet only but also by taking part in some exercises. 

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Due to commitments, most people choose to go to the gym for different workouts than going to the field.

After several days on workouts, you ought to notice changes with your body. However, this might not be the case due to the following reasons;

1. You are not eating well

It is important to note that a nutritious meal and good workouts go hand in hand. If you are eating junk foods yet you need to cut on calories won't work. In addition, cut on foods with sugar or excess fat. For better results after workouts, ensure that you are keen on the components of the foods you are taking.

2. Your routine is lacking

For you to achieve your goals of working out in the gym, you ought to have a plan that you will endeavour to keep. You might not be getting results since you choose to go to the gym when you feel like and at times you even stop when the exercises are tough and your muscles hurt.

3. You do not have clear goals

Going to the gym just to pass time and just taking your time to do minor exercises such as rope skipping, squats among others without a certain goal won't help. You will not be able to know whether you are making progress towards your goal or not. Ensure you are able to track your workouts as far as your goal is concerned.