A Nakuru-based Journalist (cameraman) was on Tuesday arrested and his camera confiscated.

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The journalist who was in the company of the other five persons was doing an investigative story in Nakuru West. 

According to the journalist, he was investigating a case of alleged illegal immigrants operating a quarry in the area.

The said immigrants who are of the Asian origin called the police and informed them about people who had allegedly trespassed on their property.

Police officers from Kaptembwa Police station then arrived and arrested the journalist who was in the company of officers from other government departments.

The incident saw a group of Nakuru journalists led by Kenya Union of Journalists, Nakuru branch Secretary-General Kioko wa Kivandi troop to the Kaptembwa Police stations.

After waiting for over five hours without any development at the station, the journalist decided to face the bull by the horn and sought an audience with the area Sub-county Police commander Patrick Olonyi.

Olonyi, however, found himself on the receiving end after referring to the suspects including the journalist as ‘criminals’, an issue that angered Nakuru scribes.

“Sir, you are not a court of law to refer to the suspects as criminals,” said Jackson Okata, a freelance journalist based in Nakuru.

After some minutes of engagements, the Sub-county Police commander said the matter was under investigation and that the suspects would be arraigned in court once they gather enough evidence. 

“We have decided to investigate this matter. If we do not find any tangible evidence we shall release them. But it will also depend on whether the complainant wants to pursue the matter out of court” said Olonyi.

While condemning the incident, the KUJ Nakuru Secretary-General stated that they will not relent in defending the rights of journalists.

He also called on human rights defenders and other stakeholders to ensure they work closely with journalists to address the cases journalists are facing.

“It is so shocking that the OCPD is referring to the suspects as criminals. We condemn this incident and call for the safeguarding rights of journalists," said Kivandi.