Vitamin E oil is a special type of oil that can help you get a glowing skin

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Here are reasons why you should start applying vitamin E oil as noted by Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, a critical care medicine specialist. 

1. Moisturizes the skin 

Have you been struggling with dry skin? Well, Vitamin E oil is here for you.

Daily moisturizing is important for the skin as this help in preventing it from drying and bars the growth of bacteria that cause skin infections. 

2. Wound healing

Research indicates that vitamin E supplements may aid in wound healing which means, Vitamin E oil may also offer the same benefits. The oil has antibacterial properties that may inhibit the inoculation of bacteria on the wounds and this make wound and incisions to heal in no time. 

3. Skin cancer prevention

Studies have reported that the oil has beneficial roles when it comes to staving off cancer. 

In a study conducted back in 2013 on mice, the oil showed some promising results as it was reported it had the potential to bar the growth of skin tumors. This means, it can also prevent skin cancer in human beings.

 4. Reduce skin itching

Itching may be as a result of allergies, dry skin or certain skin infections. Applying the oil may help you beat the irritating condition. If it doesn't give you a permanent relief, then see a medic for special treatment.