Elders from the Luo community in Siaya County are seeking permission from the government to conduct a special ritual for the Osprey bird that flew from Finland to Kenya.

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Reports from Citizen TV indicate that the elders from Yimbo clan spearheaded by Mzee Thomas Achando are pleading with the government to transport the remains of the bird back to Siaya County for the rituals to be conducted.

The bird was discovered in the county after it landed in Kenya.

According to Mzee Achando, the fact that the bird landed in the community may have a meaning or message behind it and therefore the need for rituals to be conducted to appease the dead bird.

Mzee Achando who doubles up as the Chairman of Yimbo elders’ forum believes the bird died due to the change of environment as it was transferred from Siaya county to Nairobi where it was taken under the care of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

KWS announced that the bird died due to long term starvation.

"By the time the bird was delivered to the city, it had been severely dehydrated, weak and emaciated from the long flight and minor injuries while trapped by the fishing net," KWS spokesman Paul Udoto stated on Monday as quoted by The Star.