Kenya Ferry Services has announced that recovery operations at the Likoni Ferry channel may take more time than expected. 

Through a statement on Sunday, they cited various reasons as to why Kenyans should be patient as search teams continue to try their luck on retrieval of the sunken vehicle and bodies of the two victims.

According to Ferry Kenya, the four left possible locations are situated in difficult terrain. Therefore, they noted that a cautious approach will be used to protect the lives of divers. 

"Taking into consideration the realities of underwater characteristics and the depts involved, the divers can only stay submerged for not more than six minutes. This implies that the exhaustive inspection of these four locations may take a bit longer," KFS said in a statement.

The vehicle plunged into the Indian Ocean eight days ago, Mariam Kighenda and daughter Amanda Mutheu on board. 

The rescue has since been ongoing as ferry operation halted at some point. 

Fourteen points were identified and rescue teams are now left with about four points to comb.

"As a government, we are nevertheless confident and hopeful that one of these locations will return positive results. We are therefore appealing for patience as the recovery process continues," the statement added